Upcoming Learn to Row 6 Week Course


Upcoming Course Start Date: 27 September


For more information, go to http://theaucklandrowingclub.org.nz/wordpress/novice-intro

Novice Rowing Expo

Date: 30 August

Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Come out for a row and a free brunch after-training! Find out what to do to become a part of our successful story! And it is free!

Novice Recruitment

Did you know that over 90% of Novice rowers in NZ gave up rowing after their first season?

It takes 4 seasons to fully master this expertise. So the vast majority of novices never found out what their true potential could be like!

The Auckland Rowing Club is the only club in NZ bucking the trend, with almost 50% of our novices continuing to row at club level. More than a quarter of our club and senior representatives came out of our own novice programme! (compare with the 5% that is commonly found from our rivals)

Secret? We know how to turn an average novice into champion :)

And? We do not have ridiculous joining requirements such as height, background and fitness level like many of our competitors do. We believe that champions are built, not born.

Some Auckland Rowing Club History

The wooden Four on the ARC trailer in this photo was recently “found” at McMullen & Wing ship builders yard in Mt.  Wellington.

The Four was built in Seattle by George Pocock an original Boeing aircraft model maker and is thought to be the first and possibly only Pocock boat imported to New Zealand.

The boat was used  ARC members Alistair Dryden,D

They won the Boss Rooster at the 1963 New Zealand Rowing Championships beating the Oamaru Four who had just won the gold medal at 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth.arien Boswell,Peter Masfen and Murray Macdonald coached by Jack Stevenson.

The boat is presently stored in Jack Stevenson’s garage waiting to be restored to its old glory.

2015 Prize Giving Photos