2015 Learn to Row programmes commence in April

Danyon’s Testimonial

Why We Row #1


While the construction of the Waka-ama building is going on (for about the next three months) could you please “drop-off” rowers on Panama Road, rather than trying to turn around in the park.

On completion of their outing all young rowers should go to the Panama Road entrance of the park and wait there for their pick-up.

Buses and taxis should also drop-off and collect on Panama Road as it is impossible for them to turn around inside the park.

It would also be advisable for all drop-off and collecting vehicles to not turn-around at the entrance of Ian Shaw Park, but continue on Panama Road and take the first road on the right (Jolson Road) to return home.


Please limit parking inside Ian Shaw Park as much as possible.

Plenty of parking is available at the other entrance to Ian Shaw Park – on Rakino Way, off Fisher Crescent which is off Carbine Road, particularly during the weekends.