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Learn to Row

If the success of our world famous Kiwi Pair and NZ national team have piqued your interest in rowing, the Auckland RC offers a learn to row course for those who want to give one of the most demanding and rewarding team sports a go.

The Auckland RC learn to row course is designed to produce rowers who will compete at the New Zealand National Championships held in February each year. It will teach you the basics of rowing technique on both the rowing machine and out on the water in specially designed training boats with greater stability to make learning easier. Once you master the basics of rowing technique and can demonstrate a level of fitness on the rowing machine, then the opportunity exists for you to join the club as part of our novice group training for the National Championships.

Here are some questions we get asked often:

When is the next course?

We are currently running a “rolling” learn to row course which means we run one when there are enough people signed up. We are running courses and introducing people to the sport throughout the year. It is never too late to express your interest so just drop us an email at

How fit do I need to be?

If you want to test your fitness, then jump on a Concept 2 rowing machine and row for 2000m as hard as you can (but remember to pace yourself). If you are a man and you can score a time around 7.30 or a woman and can score a time around 8.30 then you may have the potential to be a good rower. Dona��t worry if you cana��t hit this mark before you start, but thata��s where you will need to be to join up as part of our novice group. From there, we will make you faster!

Is there an age limit?

Generally speaking the National Championships is frequented by younger people which means you need to be fit enough to keep up with people in their 20s and 30s. But, if you are older, have previous competitive sporting experience, and can still hit the times on the rowing machine, then there is nothing stopping you giving it a go. Since we are an adult club we dona��t accept anyone below 17 years of age.

What time do you train?

We generally train in the mornings at weekends and in the evenings during the week. The Learn to row programme is mainly weekends. In the early stages, we train at a civilised hour (usually around 10am) but once you get into one of our novice groups expect the weekend starts to get earlier! Obviously, since this is a team sport everyone needs to turn up at the same time. We dona��t offer the ability to go out on your own recreationally.

What should I wear when I turn up?

Wear normal sports gear to train which is preferably close fitting rather than baggy. No jeans. In the winter months, wear warm clothing, in the summer months, make sure you wear sun block and sun glasses.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes. The ability to swim 50m in clothing is a requirement of membership of the club.

How much does it cost?

$100 for the course which gets deducted from your club subscription if you get selected to continue as part of our novice group.


To sign up email us today at